Edition 01 - Lokiki Places

By Jennifer DeLory

Take a peek behind the scenes of the 2020 campaign shoot.

In dreaming up Lokiki’s singular look, we traveled to the New England villages of Truro and Wellfleet, where a group of expat artists settled in the late 1950s and built their own brilliantly realized world of modernist homes and Bauhaus buildings. Along with borrowing inspiration from the architecture’s clean lines and streamlined shapes, we looked to the area’s serene yet dramatic landscape in creating Lokiki’s exquisite color palette and prints.

For the Spring 2020 campaign we stayed in the Lechay house which was built by architect, Hayden Walling in 1959, nestled among the wooded hills of Wellfleet. James Lechay was a painter who built the house as a summer retreat for his family and bohemiam artist friends. This is just one of the many modernist houses hidden in the trees of the outer cape and designed by architects like Marcel Breuer and Paul Weidlinger. The light on cape cod is incredibly special and colors just look different out here. There is a soft saturation of hues that occurs naturally and is especially stunning against the back drop of the ocean, dunes and trees. We hope you find it as special as we do and that you enjoy our behind the scenes peek at the shoot!

Above: Living Room

The Lechay home was stunning yet somehow felt warm and humble. The connection to nature is tangible as soon as you walk through the front door and see the floor to ceiling windows. Making you feel as though you are outside walking among the trees. All of the furnishings were original to the property and are a testament to the timeless beauty when great design meets functionality. It truly felt connected to who we are as a brand and what we value.

Above: Heath Ceramics Plates and Jug

Above: The Dining Nook

Above: Chloe and Jen scouting potential locations.

 The gorgeous Cape Cod light was integral to the shoot both inside and outside.  Chloe’s photography style and use of natural light made all the images look soft and feminine while remaining striking and powerful. We loved capturing the feeling of the house and how the colors of the suits played off of the interiors. 


Left: LP / Right: The deck of the Lechay house.

Above: The Studio at night.

Spring 2020 Campaign Shoot
Location: Truro and Wellfleet MA
Photography: Chloe Horseman
Models: Lauren Perlman & Nouri Hassan
Makeup and Hair: Ashleigh Ciucci

Look out for part 2 in this series where you can see how the team brought it all together!